Method : Patient is instructed in doing certain postures or breathing techniques, visualization techniques or relaxation techniques.

Mechanism : Effects all the levels of the body. Different posture creates improved supply of blood to certain organs. Acupressure effect due to pressure on acupoint regulates energy flow, different posture create different attitudes, which help to restore certain mental imbalances, and last but not the least meditative mood helps to link one self with the Divine.

Especially useful in : Anxiety, Nervousness, Attitude problems also in back problems and in diabetes and hypertension as it helps in deep relaxation which can reduce the level of stress hormones. Useful in improving concentration and maintaining good health and high energy & immunity levels.

Caution : Certain postures should be avoided by persons with certain medical problems so it is better to be done under expert medical supervision

Duration :  Each posture for about 1-3 minutes either stationary or in repetition form & entire procedure not more there 1/2 hr per day.