Hypno Therapy

Method : The patient is induced into a relaxed state by giving suggestions and after the patient has gone into half asleep half awake state. He is given further suggestion to improve his subconscious mind. Sometime positive suggestions are given to overcome phobias or addictions and sometimes past life regression is performed to remove unhealthy impressions from past life.

Mechanism : When the conscious mind is put to sleep the sub conscious mind is awakened and comes to the fore where it is amenable to suggestions for its betterment.

Especially useful in : All conditions where there is an underlying problem in the subconscious mind. And inspite of intellectually knowing that what one is doing is wrong one are unable to control it. E.g. Phobias (fear which has no rational basis), Addictions, Irrational anxieties etc.

Duration : Each session last for about half an hour to 45 minutes & at least 5 sessions may be required.

Caution : Since the patient is opening one’s subconscious mind to the hypnotist it is important to chose a therapist with a good moral fibre otherwise some mental contamination may inadvertently occur.