Pranic Healing

Method : Patient is asked to lie comfortably wearing loose fitting clothes and the healer passes his hands over the body at a certain distance from the body to remove the negative energy from aura and to energize the aura and the chakras.

Principle : The same as in acupuncture except that no needles are used and energy is conveyed into patient’s body by the healer who draws in prana from the atmosphere and mentally directs it into the patient’s body. It is a powerful means for cleansing and energizing the chakras.

Especially useful in :Low energy condition and in conditions with lot of negative energies like cancer.

Caution : In very small children and very old persons if excessive energy is transmitted it may be harmful as the gross body being weak cannot take too much energy. The intuitive healer never over-energizes. So that there is no harm.

Duration of Treatment : Such session lasts for � an hour and depending upon the problem for 5 to 20 sessions or more may be required.