My name is Mr. Kamal Behl, aged 41 years. I had a severe back problem at the age of 20, I had unconsciously lifted a heavy object and diagnosed as Slip-Disc. For two years I took all the possible treatment the Orthopedic doctors had recommended right from lying flat on the floor to traction, sometimes three weeks at a stretch. For sometime I use to feel the relief but the same pain would come back again. After two years in 1984 I had to go in for surgery which was done by one Orthopedic surgeon and one Neuro-Surgeon, after which I took nearly a year to recover. In 1993 I had a relapse after which I had to take several cortisone injections in the back, and believe me very painful ones, which eased the pain but not completely, this went on till 1997 then again I started getting severe pain and doctors recommended surgery once again, but this time I refuse to go in for one and to my good luck I was introduced to Dr. Yogesh Kodkani and after that I started his treatment of Acupuncture. In the beginning I wasn’t too sure of what I was doing, but after undergoing his treatment for one month I could make out the difference, and decided to continue his treatment. I took his treatment for another two months and this was way back in 1997. Touch wood, after that I felt like a different person altogether, after so many years I could not believe that my pain had vanished, all thanks to Dr. Yogesh Kodkani and his “MAGIC PINS” that’s what I call them. I do take all the necessary precautions recommended by him but I think I owe Dr. Yogesh Kodkani a lot to the change what he had brought about in my life.

Mr. Kamal Behl

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This is in reference to my son KAZIM who is now 12 years old. Approximately 6 years back in 1997 he had bad cold and very high fever resulting in a violent bout of convulsions. He was admitted to a nursing home and kept under observation with CT SCANS and relevant tests undertaken. There was no conclusive diagnosis and according to the Neurologist Dr. P.P. ASHOK of Hinduja Hospital, who we chose to treat Kazim, it could be just an old scar in the brain that got triggered off by high fever leading to convulsions medically known as EPILEPSY. According to Dr.P.P. Ashok, there was no medicine that could cure and it could keep happening again, hence, he was put on required dosage of Tegretol, which would help to keep the brain sedated and calm. During this traumatic period, we observed that he had become very restless and could not concentrate in his school. After every few months his blood tests had to be done to see that the required amount of Tegretol is present in his system, and invariably the dosage had to be increased every time. As my daughter had been cured of Asthma using the accupuncture method by Dr. Yogesh Kodkani, we decided to put Kazim also under his treatment. With time the dosage of medication was tapered off to zero and today by the GRACE OF ALMIGHTY my son is fit, healthy and shows no signs of ever having suffered a disease called EPILEPSY. HE is doing well in all spheres of studies and sports and is training to enter professional swimming. I take this opportuinity to thank GOD for showing us the right path and to Dr.Yogesh Kodkani for his dedication and sincerity. I am fully convinced of treatment by alternative medicine as Allopathy has its limitations.

My father could not walk for more than 10 minutes due to chest pain and breathlessness. He was diagonised as having Angina and we were about to get Angioplasty done on him, but he opted to undergo treatment under Dr. Yogesh Kodkani and within 3-4 weeks he was able to walk for more than 1 hour without any pain or breathlessness. After 2 months he even completed a strenous Yatra in which one day he had to walk 26 km. I am grateful to Dr. Yogesh Kodkani.

Dr. Girish Rathod

-Chief Orthopaedic Surgeon, Bhaktivedanta Hospital

Manish Advani

-GoldMedalist – BS in Management – New Jersey Institue of Technology, 100 Jacksonville Road, Towaco, NJ � 07082 USA

Since 3 years I was having a severe knee problem because of the car accident. I had spent over US $50,000 on the treatment but unfortunately in spite of showing to so many expert doctors in the United States of America none of them was capable of even diagnosing this problem. They all said that I will have to undergo knee surgery and about 50% of knee operations fail in the United States of America. After coming back to India I showed to many doctors and every making me undergo so many tests like X Ray and so on and none of them able to diagnose the problem; they just guessed and said you have arthritis�s. Fortunately my wife Gauri Advani was taking treatment of Dr. Yogesh Kodkani�s clinic. She found him to be a very nice doctor and was pressurizing me to show him my knee and I was kind of being very stubborn no its ok. I can tolerate the pain for this lifetime. Finally she kind of blackmailed me if you don�t show your knee I will also stop my treatment halfway. I had no other way except to make her happy. So I visited the clinic of Dr. Yogesh Kodkani. He looked at my knee and made me walk and didn�t even ask for any X-Ray or any other tests, which other doctors insist upon. He made me lie down and then he removed some blood from the backside of my knee. The sample blood, which he took, was dark black in color. He diagnosed the problem in few minutes, which other doctors couldn�t diagnose in so many years. Then he kept some kind of machine, which he had for about, an hour and a half and the contaminated stagnant blood was coming out drop by drop. He said due the impact of the accident my knee was affected and the blood in that area was stagnant. With the mercy of the Lord today I am relieved of pain, which I had for years and that too in just few hours. It was unbelievable. Even my wife had very severe problem incurable as per big doctors and neurologists of India, but Dr. Yogesh Kodkani�s treatment is working as a positive cure to her problem, which she had since so many years. I am very happy and have no reluctance in recommending Dr. Yogesh Kodkani to anyone. He has been a great savior especially for my family. I will be grateful to him throughout my life.

Dear Dr. Yogesh Kodkani I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the efforts that you have put in to treat my father. Indeed when I brought my father to you somewhere in December 2002, I had no hope of his recovery. He was suffering from diabetes, hypertension including fluctuating blood pressure, giddiness, neurological problems and lots of other related problems. After undergoing allopathic treatment, recovery was not appreciable. He had undergone cataract surgery also. He was not confident of walking alone. When I met you along with my father you gave such a wonderful patient hearing and within 3/4 months he was able to completely come out of his diabetes and hypertension. He has stopped all allopathic medication and over the past six months his diabetis and blood pressure are under control without medication. This is simply due to your accupuncture treatment. We would be approaching you for the follow-up work on his neurological problems by October 2003. I, along with my father and the entire family wish to thank you once again for the excellent treatment that you have given to my father to cure his illness from various problems. With kind regards

K. Venkataramanan

-Deputy Director – Bhaktivedanta Hospital

Seema Marwa

I suffered from paralysis of one of the muscles of the right eyeball which gave me double vision.I got 100% result in 12 weeks due to the Magic pins

I was suffering from neck & back pain due to an accidental fall.I took treatment in US.A. for 3 weeks but the pain kept recurring just 3 treatments at Nityananda Clinic I got 100% improvement.

Anil Jagtiani

-New York, USA


My blood cholesterol and triglycerides were recorded few years back as follows: Serum Cholesterol � 690, free Cholesterol � 330, serum triglycerides � 2254. Cardiologist said this was the 2 nd highest recorded in Mumbai. No treatment worked. I was operated 4 times for by- pass 10 years ago. My cholesterol has reduced by Dr. Yogesh Kodkani’s thrice a week acupuncture treatment and I am happy to announce that my blood test is near normal. It is unbelievable but it is true.

I was suffering from angina and couldn’t walk more than few steps. After few months of accupuncture treatment under Dr. Yogesh Kodkani along with the fat free diet, I recovered rapidly and my angiography report improved from 97% blockage to less than 50%.

Ms. Anuradha Patil