Colour Theraphy Doctor in Bandra

Colour Therapy Doctor in Bandra:
Colour Therapy is process in which Colored light is focused on certain areas of the body to be treated.Each color is composed of a different wavelength in the light spectrum,different wavelength list of light have different effect on the physio-chemical processes in the body this is used to treat different types of disturbances in the function of the bodily organs , eg. Red is tonifing, green antiseptic, blue is sedating,orange is cleansing etc.Use of wrong color may be harmful for e.g.- Red should never be used in fever, as it will aggravate the condition. Colour therapy is especially useful in – Paralysis,fever, cold, mental retardation. Exposure to high intensity colour is required only for 15-20 minutes of each sitting. Person can also be given colour energized water to drink and oils to apply and also told to wear or avoid wearing certain colored clothes.
Color therapy, or chromotherapy, is the method of treating ailments through the useColour of color. Color therapy can be done by shining an appropriate color on an area of the body. It can also be done through the eyes by looking at a particular color, though this should be done with the utmost care to avoid any strain on the eyes. It is a complementary therapy, and should not be used as an alternative to professional medical care. Its results vary and cannot be guaranteed – its efficacy will in large part be dependent on the individual.
The following text on color therapy provides an introduction to the subject and gives examples of the qualities and applications of certain colors.
Color can be introduced through the eyes but it has to be done very carefully. Green of course can safely be introduced through the eyes. When you start your color treatment with green, look at the green light for a couple of minutes. When you use violet, blue or yellow do the same with these colors and you will find that they will have a great inspirational effect upon you.