Magnetic Therapy

Method : Bipolar (north and south) and Unipolar (north or south) Magnets of varying strengths are placed over different parts of the body or over acupoints.

Principle : As shown by the Magnetic Resonance Technique (MRI) the magnets have some influence over all the liquids circulating and all the atoms of the body. Magnetic therapy helps to regulate the functions of the organs by properly aligning the tissue atoms north pole has a tonifying action and the south pole has a sedating action this is used to correct the existing hypo or hyper functions in the various organs.

Especially useful in :Hypertension, Hypotension, Diabetes, hyper or hypothyroid. Magnetised water is useful in Kidney stones, Gastric ulcers, Insomnia, also faster healing of Fractures.

Duration : 15-20 min. for large magnets and longer time for smaller magnets.