Method : Natural methods like fasting, sunbath, mud bath, hot and cold-water baths, raw foods, fruit juices, vegetable juices are advised. Also massage is administered. Enemas are some times used.

Mechanism : All the processes of naturopathy aim to rid the body of toxins (Ama) and to increase the amount of prana within the body. This activates the self-healing mechanism within the body and sets it on the road to recovery.

Especially useful in patient of : Cancers, Rheumatoid, Arthritis, Septic conditions with recurrent boils and infections of skin and respiratory system.

Caution : Consumption of excess raw foods by person with low digestive power can further weaken it also proper foods should be chosen according to patient individual constitution and not haphazardly otherwise it can prove harmful in the long run.

Duration : About 15 days treatment.