To provide comprehensive health care in a holisticmanner i.e. to treat all varieties of physical problems and to restore to health the patients on not only the physical but also the mental and spiritual levels.

To treat and cure chronic disorders for which other there is no cure or treatment in allopathy or for which prolonged or lifelong medication is required. Some so called surgical cases are also treated & cured non-surgically.

The treatment provided at our clinic is usually a combination of different types of natural healing methods along with nutritional supplements. We have special interest in the treatment of the following Disorders.

1) Ischaemic Heart Disease – where usually a bypass or angioplasty is required is treated and cured through natural means

2) Epilepsy – where prolonged toxic medication is prescribed is cured completely with natural methods

3) Deafness – Especially the nerve deafness is treated for which there is no cure in allopathy .

4) Refractive Errors – For which Glasses lenses or surgery is required are treated naturally by Dr.Janaki kodkani our Eye specialist.

5) Slip disc – We have excellent results in the shortest term if patient comes quickly to us instead of wasting time on bed rest and traction and painkillers. In cases where patient comes on the first or second day complete cure is posssible in an unbelievable time of 3 days there who take longer to come to us take longer to recover.

6) Paralysis – Early treatment gives fast result and patient is able to regain function of limbs sooner. Result is good if patient comes before 4 years have elapsed after attack.

7) Diabetes – We have been able to completely take off medication even those cases who have been on insulin since many decades.

8) Obesity – Weight loss and inch loss through ours scientific (non starvation) diet and electronic machines along with ayurvedic herbs and Acupuncture. In addition to this we at Nityananda Clinic have got excellent results in treatment of Rheumatoid, Arthritis, Depression, Mania Excessive Anger, Fear etc. and also certain Cancers at early stages.