Method : Patient is given pills or liquids to consume at regular intervals varying from 1 dose in a month to 3 doses a day.

Mechanism : Based on the principle of like cures like. Different substances have different rate of vibration also the body has altered state of vibration in disease as compared to during health. Energy from substance having similar vibration to the state is used and administered in a minimal dose fashion to the patient this causes a resonance effect in which the medicine vibration throws out the disease vibration and then on discontinuation of the medicine the medicine vibration also fades away leaving the normal vibration of the healthy state behind. This vibration helps to normalize the functioning of the organs.

Especially useful in : All varieties of problems in Physical, Mental, Intellectual and Ego level. Also very good in treatment of chronic poisoning.

Caution : Since the medicines are chosen entirely on the totality of symptoms it is often very difficult to find an exact match and also the decision about the power(potency) of the medicine to be used is difficult.
This is the cause for many so called failures of Homeopathy.
Also the very high potencies should not be used in patients with very advanced pathology at it can cause sudden crises, which can even result in death. The experts who use low potencies initially before going to the higher potencies can easily avoid this.
Some times there is an apparent aggravation of symptoms. Especially diarhoea or phelgm expectoration and sometimes the return of the previous symptoms, but this is called a healing crisis and should not be confused with worsening of the disease.

Duration : Acute cases can be treated very fast. Chronic condition may take from months to few years to resolve.