Method : Patient lies comfortably wearing loose fitting clothes with eyes closed. Healer moves the hands over the body at some distance sending energy to different parts of the body.

Mechanism : The Ayurvedic Aphorism. “Prajna Aparadham mula roganum”, “Error of intelligence is root of all disease” is at work here. Disturbances in the inate intelligence of the body is considered as the cause of malfunctioning. The healer tunes himself with the cosmic intelligence and acts as the channel for flow of this cosmic intelligence into the patient. This helps to normalize the patient own inate intelligence and cures from a very deep level.

Especially useful in : Condition where the thought process is at fault e.g. Schizophrenia, delusion and also all kinds of physical and mental problems all diseases because ultimately it is possible to pin point a certain error of intelligence in all diseased persons.

Duration : Each sitting can last about � an hour. Total duration of treatment may vary from 5 to 20 sittings.

Caution : Totally safe treatment. No side effect. Infact there is a side benefit that the patient’s intelligence is enhanced and improved.