What is Natural Medicine

Natural Medicine also known as Alternative Medicines, or complementary medicine it is a system which tries to treat and cure illness by going the root cause of the problem rather than just symptomatically treating on an external bodily level.


Natural medicine recognizes that there is an inherent healing ability within all of nature & within the human organism itself and that this healing ability has to be allowedto express itself freely by removing all obstacles (like wrong food, wrong habits, wrong thoughts etc.) & also tending it a helping hand through right food, right habits, right thoughts and some times mild and non toxic medicines & nutrients.
According to Natural medicine various diseases are merely a result of the neglect or willful breaking of natural laws with respect to hygiene, diet, emotion or deeds and also lack of connection with the Supreme Divine. Which is the oprigin of all existence.

To understand more about the natural medicines it is essential to first of all

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  • “Know thyself” …You are a particle of consciousness technically called a soul.

  • You are covered by two bodies � A subtle(invisible) body comprising of mind intelligence & false ego.

  • A gross (visible) body comprising of Earth (solid matter), water (Liquid matter), Fire (heat), Air(Gaseous matter), Ether (Electro magnetic force)

  • Of these various elements the ether acts as an interface between the mind and the gross body.

  • This Etheric body is comprised of Energy meridians called the ‘Nadis’ & Vortices called the Chakras. Draw in energy from the atmosphere and also the mind and after acting as stop down transformers channel it into the various nadis. From the nadis the energy reaches the nervous system. From where it influences the endocrine system & finally enters the blood to provide nourishment.

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