Dr.Yogesh Vivek Kodkani

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  • Co-Convenor Maharashtra.

  • Chief Convenor Mumbai, Mira Bhayandar.

  • BJP National Medical Cell.

  • Vice President Maharashtra International Sujok Association (ISA )

  • Joint Secretary Acupuncture Science Association( ASA )

  • Member of Executive committee of Indian Academy of Acupuncture Science ( IAAcS)

  • Co-Mentor THE OTHER SONG Academy of Homeopathy.

  • Vice President Maharashtra International Sujok Association

  • Joint Secretary Acupuncture Science Association

  • Member of Executive committee of Indian Academy of Acupuncture Science


  • M.B.B.S. (Poona University) B.J.Medical College

  • P.G.Dip. Holistic Health (Apollo Hospital),


  • P.G.Hom.(London)

  • M.D. (AM) (Indian Board of Alternative Medicines) Calcutta

  • N.D. (Diploma in Naturopathy) (Indian College of Naturopathy) Nashik

  • D.Ac. (Diploma in Acupuncture)

  • M.D. (Acupuncture) (Indian Academy of Acupuncture Science), Aurangabad

  • D, Mag. (Diploma in Magnet Therapy) Institute of Alternative Medicine,Bombay

  • C.Ad.Sujok Ac. (Certificate in Advanced Sujok Acupuncture), Moscow

  • Certificate in Chiropractic, Ackermann College of Chiropractic, Stockholm,Sweden

  • Certificate in’ Life Style Medicine-Harvard Medical School’

  • D.Ac. (Diploma in Acupressure) Institute of Alternative Medicine, Bombay.

  • D.Mag. (Diploma in Magnet Therapy) Institute of Alternative Medicine

  • C.Ad.Ac. (Certificate in Advanced Acupuncture)International Academy of Scientific Acupuncture, Bombay

  • III Degree Reiki Master Healer (Indian Reiki Foundation, Madras)

Certificate in Advanced Pranic Healing
Crystal Healing
Pranic Psychotherapy
Psychic Self Defense
From Pranic Healing Foundation,Maharashtra
Certified Analytical Hypnotherapist Midwest Training Institute of (Hypnosis)  Fort Wayne Indiana





  • Recipient of Gold Medal on occasion of 3rd International Congress of Alternative  Medicines Calcutta

  • Certified in M particle Therapy &Twist Therapy from Onnuri therapy Association Moscow

  • Appreciation Certificate & Award for Best Speaker at International Conference in Aurangabad

  • Awarded Gold Needle International Award  for outstanding contribution in field of Acupuncture

  • Certificate of attendance in Training Programme in Community Health,    Nature cure  &Yoga Conducted by National Institute of Naturopathy & BAIF Development&Research Foundation Urlikanchan, Pune

  • Trained in Advanced Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis And  ancient Marma Shashtra from  Ayuvedic institute Albuquerque USA

  • Trained in Silva Mind Control

  • Training in Yoga at The Yoga Institute & under Swami Ramdev

  • Member Hypnotherapy Association of Indiana (U.S.A.)

  • Member Indian Institute of Homeopathic Practitioners (IIHP)

  • Member Predictive Homeopathy Club

  • Certificate of Appreciation from International Academy of Scientific Acupuncture

  • Certificate in Feng-Shui from Wind & Water Geomancy Centre, Singapore

Attended Homeopathy courses under Dr.Mirza Anwar Baig, Dr.Praful Vijaykar, Dr.Chabbra.Dr.Rajan Sankaran Dr.Robin Murphy .Dr Divya


      At National and International conferences:

  1. Treatment of Ischemic Heart Diseases by Acupuncture.

  2. Treatment of Drug Resistant Tuberculosis by Acupuncture.

  3. Importance of Pulse Diagnosis in modern times.

  4. Slaying the Dragon an Integrated approach to curing diseases.

  5. Importance of Scar Acupuncture.

  6. Treatment of Hypertension through Acupuncture.


072216 Maharashtra Medical Council


  • Hon.Alternative Medicine Specialis t at Shri ChaitanyaHospital, Shantinagar, MiraRoad (E)

  • Head of Dept. (Department of Natural Medicine)Bhaktivedanta Hospital Mira Road (E)


Mainly Practicing Acupuncture,Reiki, Pranic Healing & Hypnotherapy Also practicing Yoga therapy, Bach Flower Therapy, Homeopathy,Magnet Therapy,Colour therapy, Diet Therapy &Herbal Medicine.


  • Practicing a combination of Sujok, Chinese & German Acupuncture using a Special type of Pulse Diagnosis (6 Element Pulse Diagnosis).

  • Special interest in research on Psychosomatic illnesses & Cancers.

  • Having Expertise in treatment & cure of Epilepsy, Asthma, Migraine, Diabetes, Ischemic Heart Disease, Slip Disc,Coma.


Paitents from all over India and different parts of the World

  • Treated Celebrities

  • Legendry Music Director Naushad

  • National awards winner Sound director Shajith Koyeri

  • Actor Mukesh Rishi

  • Actress Shilpa Shirodkar

  • Actress Shamita Shetty

  • Actor/director Rohit Shetty

  • Mrs Krishna wife of Raj Kapoor

  • Family of legendry Rajendra Kumar including Actor Kumar Gaurav

  • Actor Vivek Mushran

  • Director Prassana Kapoor

  • Assist DirectorFarah Parvares

  • Producer Rishabh Seth

  • Actress Shushma Shiromani

  • Producer Subhash Sharma

  • Director Nikhil Rao

  • Ex Commissioner Of Police Tyagi

  • Director General of Police Sanjay Barve

  • Mayor Of Mahabaleshwar Shri Bavlekar

Other Activities

National Director of PAW, IDVM, ISKCON India:

(Dept. of Protection Administration & Welfare)
(Director of Chanakya Academy of Leadership Stratagem)
(Director of Parshuram Academy of Protection Sciences)

Awarded trophy of Best N.C.C. Cadet(TROOP NO.378,3 RD Mah Battalion)

  • Champion in Shotput(BPM School)

  • Champion in ArmWrestling(BJ Medical College)

  • Trained in Indian,Budokan,&Shotokan Karate & Kalaripayattu Winner inmany Debate and Elocution competitions.

  • Currently also studying Law at Advani Law college Bandra.

  • Studied Hindustani Classical music under Pt Purushottam Walawalkar.

Lectured on Bhagvad Gita As It Is at Karnataka Sangh Hall, Matunga 1997 to 1999 and At Ali Yarvar Jung, Bandra from 2001 to 2003. Directed and Acted in lead roles in 10 to 12 ISKCON Temple Annual drama festivals.

Conducted about 100 Acupuncture camps with the Acupuncture and Sujok team before the last Loksabha and the last Maharashtra Vidhan Sabha Elections under the BJP banner.Took up issue of recognition of Acupuncture at State levl and National level.Teamed up with Dr Beramji and got him the support of BJP leaders such as Shri Sumant Ghaiasas ,which helped to get the recognition process on track.