Colour Therapy


Method : Colored light is focused on certain areas of the body to be treated.

Mechanism : Each color is composed of a different wavelength in the light spectrum, different wavelength list of light have different effect on the physio-chemical processes in the body this is used to treat different types of disturbances in the function of the bodily organs , eg. Red is tonifing, green antiseptic, blue is sedating, orange is cleansing etc.

Caution : use of wrong color may be harmful for e.g.- Red should never be used in fever, as it will aggravate the condition.

Especially useful in – Paralysis, fever, cold, mental retardation.

Duration: Exposure to high intensity colour is required only for 15-20 minutes of each sitting. Person can also be given colour energized water to drink and oils to apply and also told to wear or avoid wearing certain colored clothes.